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My Dog is Afraid of Water! | Ep: #133

My dog is afraid of water! In this episode of the podcast, we are answering a question that came in from a gal who has a dog who is afraid to go in the water. We will go over introduction to water, things to try if the dog doesn’t initially love the water, and as […]

Stopping Dog from Fighting Other Dogs | Ep: #132

Stopping dog from fighting other dogs. We recently had a message come in from a fellow from Germany who has a number of different dogs he uses for hunting wild boar. He is having an issue with two of his dogs who like to fight each other. Recently at one of our DogBone Handler’s Workshops, […]

Dog Ignores Me When Hunting! | Ep: #130

Dog ignores me when hunting! In this episode of the podcast, we are diving into a question that came in from a lady who has a very high drive springer spaniel. The dog listens great and is very obedient in training, as well as during day to day life, but loses his head and ignores […]

Are Male Dogs or Female Dogs Better? | Ep: #125

Are male dogs or female dogs better for training? In today’s episode of the podcast, we are discussing a question that came in from a fellow from Canada! His question: Do you prefer training male dogs or female dogs, and why? There are many different aspects to this, and at the end of the day, […]

Dog Runs Away and Chases Animals! | Ep: #124

Dog runs away and chases animals! We recently received a message from a fella in Sweden who has a cocker spaniel that he is having troubles getting to listen while hunting. When he lets the dog loose, the dog runs away and doesn’t like to recall when catches scent of an animal. He also has […]