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Shed Dog Training: What You Need to Know

Shed Dog Training Quick Tips: Keep it simple!   Shed dog training is not complicated and we should do everything in our power to keep it that way.  The reality is that when it comes to training a dog to do something, whether it be shed hunting, retrieving birds or basic obedience, we are doing […]

“My Dog Won’t Retrieve!” | Ep: #38

My dog won’t retrieve! This is a very common question we get, and this type of question just happens to be the one we are going to cover of this episode of the DogBone pawdcast! In this episode we received a question via Facebook. This guy was having troubles saying “My dog won’t retrieve!” Jeremy […]

Dog Trainer: What Every Dog Owner Must Know!

As a professional dog trainer, I’ve been able to work with a large number of dogs over the years of various breeds, ranging from 7 week-old puppies to dogs as old as 10 years or more.  I strongly believe that one of the only ways to get better at anything, whether you’re talking dog training […]

Training Dogs: The Issue of Time

Training Dogs: The 4-Year Plan   Time is one thing that I don’t often feel like I have plenty of, and it always seems to feel like it’s running out.  I just never have enough of it and know I cannot simply go out and get more.  It seems that the more people I talk […]

Deer Dog Training: Developing your Deer Dog

Over the years I’ve written a pretty good number of an articles on “developing deer dogs”.  More specifically a deer dog that helps me in pursuit of my big game and more often than not, that big game is the whitetail deer.  So, what is a “deer dog”?  This used to be a pretty common […]

Raising Pheasants: Learning As We Go | Ep: #35

Raising pheasants was a task we decided to take on this summer, and our trials and errors ended up teaching us many things. We ordered 500 birds to arrive in three different batches at varying times throughout the summer. The birds came as real young chicks through the mail, of which we then placed into […]