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Place Training a Puppy: Reading the Dog | Ep: #116

Place training a puppy is what’s on the agenda in todays podcast! We are going back to our original format of answering questions from all of you! This one covers a guy who had a number of questions regarding place training his puppy. Place training is something that has been gaining a-lot of traction in […]

How Dog Training Makes You a Better Person | Ep: #112

How dog training makes you a better person. Dog training has taught us many lessons not just when training dogs, but in life. In this episode Jeremy covers a wide variety of different dog training mentality and philosophy, as well as how dog training makes you a better person. We hope you enjoy it! As […]

The Mile Long Puppy Training Question | Ep: #111

Puppy training questions roll in all the time, but this one was special. This question was about a mile long, and has many different parts. This podcast knocks out a bunch of puppy training questions in one podcast. The biggest takeaway… slow down. As we continue to push the podcast will will be posting every […]