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How Training Relates to Hunting | Ep: #107

How Training Relates to Hunting How training relates to hunting is the discussion topic of today’s episode of the DogBone Podcast! We recently had a question from a guy come in that was concerned how his obedience and foundation training would effect his pointer’s range in the field. What we have to understand is that […]

Training Shed Dogs: Shed Season is Coming! | Ep: #106

Shed Season is Coming! With spring fast approaching, training a shed dog has been heavy on many peoples mind! One of our favorite times of the year, in this episode we go are talking all shed hunting dogs, shed hunting dog tools, and training tips. We will be continuing to push more shed related content […]

What To Do After a Bad Session | Ep: #105

What To Do After a Bad Session In the last episode, we outlined the importance of keeping your cool when dog training. Going off that, everyone has lost their cool at some point or another and have had bad sessions. In this episode, we are going to discuss what you need to do after a […]

When Everything is Going Wrong, Keep Your Cool | Ep: #104

When Everything is Going Wrong, Keep Your Cool Keeping your cool while dog training is extremely important. If you have followed along with us at all, you no doubt have heard Jeremy talk about the importance of patience with dogs, and in life. Just before recording this podcast, we filmed a session with Cali for […]

When Should I Start Hold Conditioning? | Ep: #101

When Should I Start Hold Conditioning? When should I start hold conditioning with my dog? This is a question we see come in very often, and one that we are going to dive into in episode #101 of the podcast! It is very important to know when and how to start hold conditioning with your […]

Things That Impacted Us Positively in 2020 | Ep: #100

Things that impacted us positively in 2020: We are at episode #100! For this episode of the DogBone podcast, we want to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a happy new year! That being said, we are going to go over a number of different products and informational outlets and groups that have had […]

Rabbit Hunting with Labs!?! How We Do It | Ep: #98

Rabbit Hunting with Labs Rabbit hunting with labs is exactly what we did this past weekend, and we have had a bunch of questions coming in because of it! While grouse hunting in the north woods, we often jump snowshoe hares holed up in fallen trees or thick cover. Normally, we have a rule that […]