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Potty Training Your Puppy | Ep: #97

Potty Training Your Puppy Potty training your puppy is one of the first things you need to worry about when you bring a new puppy home. We recently received a question from a guy who was struggling with potty training and crate training with his pup. Both potty training and crate training go hand in […]

Our Struggles Duck Hunting with Bella | Ep: #94

Our struggles duck hunting with Bella: we took her into a flooded woods with a bunch of birds, and had a great shoot, but encountered a bunch of issues that we show from the hunt. The terrain was awfully tough for any dog, and duck hunting with a young gun dog in it proved to […]

Dog Training YouTube Questions | Ep: #93

Dog training YouTube Questions: We do get quite a few questions that come in through our YouTube, and on this episode, we are going to give them a little love. This podcast covers a little bit of a broad spectrum of topics that come up often including age, tying out, techniques, and more. Some great […]

Recall Without a Shock Collar | Ep: #92

Recall without a shock collar is something we do with every puppy. I think there is a common misconception that you cannot train a dog without the use of an e-collar, and this is simply untrue. Teaching puppies to recall is a major part of the foundation of a dog, and it all starts when […]

Whining, Barking, and Crate Training | Ep: #91

Whining, barking, and crate training: In this weeks episode we discuss a message that came in in regards to a dog who won’t stop whining and barking in the crate. These are topics that seem to keep coming up, and each time we talk about them we seem to dig deeper and deeper into the […]

Teaching Puppies to Recall | Ep: #88

Teaching puppies to recall is a major part of the foundation of a dog, and it all starts when they are very little puppies. It is very important to establish the game of recall early, as this impression will last the rest of the dogs life. In order to be succesfull at all down the […]