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Introduction to Gunfire | Ep: #7

Introduction to gunfire, a crucial step in training a bird dog. In this episode of the DogBone Pawdcast, Jeremy Moore goes over techniques on how and when to start introducing your dog to gunfire.  Gun-shy dogs can be a big problem, and can happen in a number of different ways.  Dogs are not born gun-shy, […]

DogBone Handlers Workshops | Ep: #6

Coming off of one of our DogBone Handlers Workshops, we couldn’t help but talk about the workshops in this weeks podcast.  We get so many questions about them; is my dog too old, too young, far enough along, allowed to come if it’s not a hunting dog…what are these DogBone handlers workshops all about anyway?  Well, […]

Heel Work | Ep: #5

Heel work, One of the most important elements of a dog’s foundation. In this episode we talk about a commonly asked question as well as a common solution to many training issues in the field: Heel work.  We’ve all seen the dogs out taking their owner for a walk (yes I said that right). You’d […]