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When to Start With Your Puppy | Ep: #11

When to start with your puppy, a very common mistake new dog owners and handlers make. As a society, we lack patience, and this directly correlates to our dog training efforts. Knowing what to expect and when to start with your puppy is a crucial element in the training process. It is much easier to […]

Puppy Training Questions | Ep: #10

Puppy training questions, a common topic that gets asked. In this episode of the DogBone Pawdcast, Jeremy answers multiple questions sent in via Facebook from all of you! Our podcast as of late is focused on your questions so don’t be afraid to ask yours and get it answered! This weeks pertain to young puppies […]

The Release Podcast Interview | Ep: #9

The Release Podcast interview with Jeremy Moore covers a wide variety of dog training topics. In this episode of the DogBone Pawdcast, Jeremy digs back in the files to share an interview he did on The Release Podcast.  Follow along as they discuss multiple aspects of dog training, as well as Jeremy’s story and background. […]

Hold Conditioning | Ep: #8

In this episode of the DogBone Pawdcast, Jeremy talks about the importance of hold conditioning.  Hold conditioning is a vital step in training your dog, and is one that can fix many problems that many handlers encounter.  Learn how you can do it the right and most effective way with DogBone. As always, thanks for tuning […]

Introduction to Gunfire | Ep: #7

Introduction to gunfire, a crucial step in training a bird dog. In this episode of the DogBone Pawdcast, Jeremy Moore goes over techniques on how and when to start introducing your dog to gunfire.  Gun-shy dogs can be a big problem, and can happen in a number of different ways.  Dogs are not born gun-shy, […]

DogBone Handlers Workshops | Ep: #6

Coming off of one of our DogBone Handlers Workshops, we couldn’t help but talk about the workshops in this weeks podcast.  We get so many questions about them; is my dog too old, too young, far enough along, allowed to come if it’s not a hunting dog…what are these DogBone handlers workshops all about anyway?  Well, […]

Heel Work | Ep: #5

Heel work, One of the most important elements of a dog’s foundation. In this episode we talk about a commonly asked question as well as a common solution to many training issues in the field: Heel work.  We’ve all seen the dogs out taking their owner for a walk (yes I said that right). You’d […]