Jeremy Moore has been training dogs now for over 15 years, although it is definitely not something he thought he would end up doing professionally. His training style emphasizes a low pressure, positive approach that allows you to maximize your dogs potential in a natural way without the use of force, fear tactics or avoidance training. After realizing he was faced with an issue in attempting to train a shed dog, the DogBone line of products was born. Several years and patents later, DogBone has become the innovative leader in the “deer-dog” revolution.

Everyone at DogBone has an obsession with Whitetail that starts in a tree, but transcends throughout all aspects of their lives throughout the year. Jeremy has been able to contribute to and provide information regularly to television outlets including the “Developing Your Deer Dog” segment on North American Whitetail Television, a co-host and hunter on NAW TV, Headhunters TV, Midwest Whitetails, Raised Hunting, Outdoor Wisconsin, as well as a co-host and hunter on We Love it Outdoors. He also contributes content and articles regularly for print outlets including, Whitetails Unlimited, Safari Club International, Legendary Whitetails, North American Whitetail and GunDog Magazines.

Jeremy has designed DogBone specifically to help you be able to train your dog yourself. It should be a rewarding and fun experience. That said, Jeremy does train a limited number of dogs each year for clients for everything including sheds, game recovery, gundog/bird dog and ultimately as family dogs. If you are interested, please contact Jeremy through this website’s “Contact Us” page.